The SRSR is 2 kms (N from PS) off the (360 kms new being completed) coastal highway to Egypt. Its called Port Sudan-Suez. The SRSR is a one-hour drive from Port Sudan airport.
It’s within close reach to the most beautiful diving reefs of Sanganeb and Shub Rumi. It is situated in a very rich natural environment of stunning landscape, sea, mountains and the abundantly rich coral reefs of Sudan.

The SRSR is built on top of a hard coral rock plateau facing the sea. It’s back to a long range of Red Sea mountains.
The area is a habitat to a number of sea birds and Eagles such as the Capasian stern, Flamingos and Saunder stern. Camels come to graze or quench their thirst around the shore near the resort. Beja camel herders roaming in the near by open Plains. There is a lot of Sudanese Art incorporated including mosaic work. The colourful craft work of the local tribes such as the BeniAmir and Rashaida.


Africa’s largest unknown land, located in the Northern Eastern part of Africa sharing borders with (8) African countries. A population of approximately 35 million inhabitants. Made of multi ethnic diversified tribes.  The Sudan is a country of different topographic nature.

To the North is its fertile rich Nile and archeological sites;
To the East its virgin Red Sea and massive coral reefs, the great Red Sea mountainous and plenty of mineral wealth;
To the South tropical green forests;
To the West lush cattle grazing herds plains
A mixed ethnic population of 70% Muslim, 15% Animists and 5% Christians.

Red Sea Province
The Red Sea Province is the land of the Beja and Hadandowa tribes that have their own tribal local languages. Arabic is predominantly spoken with a local dialect and a fair amount of English can be understood.

The tribes of the East are notable with their beautiful Women colorful clothes, and the men with a very distinctive Afro hairstyle with a comb on the side.

A very rich cultural controversial country enriched by the multi tribal existence that is noticeable and pleasing to the eyes that want to see and enjoy!